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 Technical Name: Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64%.(72% WP)


  • Master 72% WP is a unique fungicide formulation containing a mixture of the systemic fungicide.
  • Metalaxyl and the contact fungicide provide outstanding control of diseases caused by Oomycetes, which are serious plant pathogens.
  • It ensures durable protection of target plants during the period of active growth from inside due to the systematic activity of Metalaxyl and from outside due to contact action of Mancozeb.
  • Master is a wettable powder formulation of 64% Mancozeb + 8% Metalaxyl, a combination fungicide effective against downy mildew of grapes and other Crops.
  • It is also used to control late blight of potato and tomato, blotch of onion, damping off in tobacco, cardamom etc



300-500gm/acre or 30-50gm per pump

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

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