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Bighaat Bighaat

About Barrix Magic Sticker-Yellow Sheet

To Support the farming activity with early identification of pest infestation, intensity of infestation, as an educative tool to take proper care against identified infestations, this product is a proactive, monitoring, Integrated pest management tool .

This perfect integrated pest management (IPM) tool for organic Cultivating & sustained agricultural growth.

Uses bright Yellow coloured recyclable sheets of specific wavelength between 500nm to 600nm of wave length which can attract more pests from a long distance effectively. A single trap is effective for 735 Sq ft area; traps 7333 insects within 15 days of exposure.

Special Adhesive Polymer  

  • Special Adhesive polymer - Poly iso butyene based Glue Formulation with out cracking the molecular weight of the polymer.
  • Non-toxic polymer
  • Non-drying 
  • Polymer provides Resistance to UV light Degradation
  • Stable in retaining the glue tackiness at high or low temperature
  • water resistant
  • Useful for all seasons in all crops. 
  • Double side gumming to increase surface area
  • The printed grid on one side of the trap allows farmers to count, monitor and take corrective IPM measures

How to use

It has to be hung just above foliage in low crops and in taller crops, 5ft above the ground level.

How many to Use

The traps are used from the beginning of crop cultivation till harvesting, depending on the crop, 10 sheets per acre or 50 sheets per hectare shall be used.

When to use

The Sticky Traps can be used from the beginning of crop cultivation till harvesting.

Benefits to farmers

  • For timely detection of pests
  • To reduce risk of pest outbreaks
  • Identify hot-spots
  • Organize timing of sprays
  • Availability of bio control potential

Advantages of using this IPM Product

  • Cost Effective
  • Time Saving
  • Labour Saving
  • Effective Control
  • Easy Application
  • Quality Improvement
  • Increase in Quantity
  • Decline in Residual Effect
  • Export Potential


Color Alluring Technology

Colour frequency has been selected after testing for maximum target pest attraction, based on wavelength of colour spectrum.

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Customer Reviews

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