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KOPPERT VICI ROUTZ BIO FERTILIZER has unique silicate solubilizing bacteria which acts as bio primer helps in bio priming at early vegetative phase of crops.
Micro organisms start colonising the rhizosphere and start growing 3 dimensionally around the roots.

PSB (Phos. Sol. Bac.) and SSB (Silicate Sol. Bac),

  • Soil Probiotic consortium -2%,
  • Organic Carbon -38%,
  • Seaweed Extract-24%,
  • Amino acid -9%,
  • Myoinositol –4%,
  • Ascorbic acid –20%,
  • Thiamine –2% and
  • Alpha Tocopherol


  • Vici Routz GR: Annual/field crops: 3 –6 kg/acre. Basal dose application/within 20 days after sowing or transplanting
  • Perennial crops: 3 –6 kg/acre. Apply at 3-4 months intervals.
  • Nurseries: 500 g for one acre nursery plants. Apply within one week after germination.
  • Vici Routz SP: 1-1.5g/L of water (100-150g per acre)
  • Nursery: Drench 2 ltr/m2 area
  • Vegetables: Drench at 2 weeks and 4 weeks after transplanting
  • Flower/Perennial Crops: Drench at 3 – 4 months interval



  • Improve crop vigour and contributes to healthy crop
  • Imparts disease resistance to crops
  • Improves the crops ability to tackle biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Helps optimum utilization of fertilizers
  • Contributes to the achievement of greater nutritional value in crops
  • Crop yield improves owing to better nutrition availability and resistance from pests and diseases
  • 100% Natural and safe to humans and animals. Non Toxic
  • Safe to pollinators, predators and parasites (PPP)

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Customer Reviews

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