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West Coast Rasayan

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Bighaat Bighaat



It is a Humic Acid Formulation which enhances the development of Fibrous White roots and leads to:

  • Fast Growth of Plants
  • Firm support to Shoots
  • Maximum Utilization of Nutrients
  • Better stand of crops and yields.

Better roots foundation for all plants life and lead to fast growth of plants.




Mix the following amounts in Drip Injector as per dose suggested to cover 1 acre.


  • Grapes: 1 litre every month
  • Citrus: 1/2 litre alternate month
  • Sugarcane: 1 litre during summer
  • Nursery: 1 ml in 5 litre of water sprinkle on bed till wet.


For Non Drip irrigation methods of application to cover 1 acre


  • Paddy: 1 litre immediately after transplanting, 1 litre at the time of milking stage
  • Apple: 1 litre immediately after pruning, 1 litre at the fruit development stage
  • Keradix F Seeding Dip: Mix 1 to 2ml of Keradix F in a litre of water. Dip the seedling roots for a few seconds. Transplant as usual. Add 1-2 ml Keradix F in 5 litres of water and  with a watering can wet the soil over planted sets.
  • Keradix G (Keradix in granular form): Use 5Kgs of Keradix – G to cover one acre of planted area to be directly applied near root zone by broadcasting method time of Application - similarly to Keradix F.
  • Humisol (100% Water Soluble Humic Acid Concentrate): Dissolve 250 gms of Humisol in desired application water to cover 1 acre of planted area time of Application – similar to Keradix F.



In Drip Irrigation and Drenching.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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