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Katyayani Organics

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Bighaat Bighaat

Pyrethrum Extract 2% m/m is now the most widely used herbal insecticide for the control of public health pests by mixing with either diesel oil or kerosene as a space spray.

Exclusive Features:-

  • The only natural insecticide used for fogging in India and abroad. Pyrethrum Extract 2% is an oil based concentrate containing 2% m/m pyrethrins to be diluted in diesel/ kerosene/ petroleum solvent in the ratio of 1:19.
  • Broad-spectrum activity against variety of household insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroach and bed bugs etc. Low mammalian toxicity .biodegradable and environment friendly, making it the most preferred choice in public health, indicating more safety to humans, pest and cattle.
  • Pyrethrum / Pyrethrin Extract 2% is cost effective all in one pest control solution Best for Household Garden & Other Domestic Purposes. It is preferred by many Central Government and State Government bodies like NAMP, Municipal corporations, Army, Navy etc in INDIA.
  • Pyrethrin is very effective for control of Mosquito , Bedbugs , Flies , Cockroaches , ants, moths, flies , fleas and many other insects. It is used as a fogging chemical or directly sprayed by mixing it with water for indoors & outdoor areas in your house , garden , lawn & for Agricultural Purposes.
  • For Fogging :Pyrethrum Extract 2% should be diluted with kerosene or diesel in the ratio 1:15 and applied as thermal fog or ultra-low volume aerosol spray. For Domestic Use : it can be directly sprayed by mixing it with water in appropriate Dose.


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