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  • Katyayani BPH Super Contains Pymetrozine 50% WG is a world class technology Pesticide which gives immediate and effective control of BPH- Brown Plant Hopper. Insects withdraw their stylet and stop feeding within 1 hour.

    Katyayani BPH Super is a novel insecticide with different chemistry which provides super powerful control against Rice Brown Paddy Hopper. It can also control all stages of Aphids and Whiteflies.

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  • It is Excellent crop tolerance Preserves the commercial value of the crop In line with the modern requirements of the food chain
  • It is an excellent tool for IPM and IRM programs to check the next generation by blocking egg-laying of pests.
  • It is Highly selective insecticide for beneficial insects and is safe to the environment
  • Its WG formulation allows ease of use as it does not produce dust while measuring and mixing.
  • It provides immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition of insects.


  • BPH Super is characterized by its upward and downward translocation. Quickly absorbed by the plant tissue, remain effective even if it rains 2 hours after BPH Super application.
  • Mouthparts gets blocked, no sucking and feeding, stop permanently. Prevention of egg laying in adults, so no hopper resurgence or stops Population explosion.
  • Immediate crop protection through permanent inhibition of the feeding system. It paralyses hind legs of pests, results in dropping from plants & then pests die later from starvation. It checks the next generation by blocking egg-laying of pests.


  • MODE OF ACTION - It is a systemic and trans laminar insecticide which paralyzes the hoppers, also stops egg-laying and the insects get killed from starvation.
  • CROPS - Rice.
  • INSECTS/ DISEASE - Brown Plant Hopper.
  • APPLICATION PROCEDURE - Measure the required quantity of insecticides and mix it in small quantity of water and gradually add the rest of the water to prepare solution. Apply with knapsack sprayer when pest appears on the crop and repeat if necessary as per pest incidence. Maximum two sprays to be given starting first spray at initial pest infestation reaching Economic Threshold Level (ETL)
  • DOSAGE - 120gm/acre In 200liters of water

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