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    • Katyayani Azoxy Contains AZOXYSTROBIN 23% SC Which is a new Generation SYSTEMIC FUNGICIDE HAVING PREVENTIVE, CURATIVE AND ERADICATIVE ACTION work very effectively against fungal.

Technical Content


      • AZOXYSTROBIN 23% SC.

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Features & Benefits

      • Katyayani Azoxy is a highly systemic fungicide rapidly absorbed by the plant and provides protection for a longer period.is the latest discovery and most popular fungicide molecule.
      • Katyayani Azoxy is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide recommended for the control of downy and powdery mildew diseases affecting grapes, fruit rot, & powdery mildew of chilli , anthracnose & powdery mildew of Mango , Early and late blight of Tomato, and late blight of Potato.



      • CROPS - All crops.


      • INSECTS AND DISEASES - Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Fruit Rot, Anthracnose, Early and Late Blight.


      • MODE OF ACTION - It is used to break down the resistance due to the different modes of action compared to conventional fungicides. Can be used under multiple disease syndrome attacking plants at same time this saves money as well as time in disease management.


    • DOSAGE -
      • 1-1.5 Ml of Katyayani Azoxy per 1 Litre Water . Foliar Spray Recommended.For large Applications It is important to ensure the application is done on the complete crop canopy by using a minimum of 200 liters of water per acre. Its Solution Azoxy has the ability to control advanced stages of the fungus infection also.

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