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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat


Hedge Lucerne (Velimasal) Throughout the year under irrigated conditions in all districts. During monsoon under rainfed condition

Soil: Comes up in all types of soils.

Preparatory cultivation : Plough 2 to 3 times to obtain a good tilth and form ridges and furrows 50 cm apart.

Water management : Immediately after planting and life irrigation on 3rd day. Then once in 10 days depending on soil type

Harvest : First harvest at 90 days after planting and subsequent harvests once in 50 days.

fodder seeds (Pack of 1 Kg ) Its perennial green fodder crop having multicut in nature comes up 3-3.5 years

Having rich in Protein (20-22 %) Good green fodder to Goat, Sheep, Cow, Rabbit & Poultry also, increase the weight gain and improves productivity of milk yield Seeds rate is 7-8 kg/acre & germination percentage are 95 % .

This product is Not Returnable. It may be exchanged by seller in case of factory damage on a case to case basis.

Cancellation for Live Plants items is allowed before the shipment is dispatched. Note: To get better germination seeds must be treated in hot water at 80o C for 5 minutes (boiling water removed from the flame and kept for 4 minutes to attain 80o C).

After hot water treatment, seeds should be washed with cold water and soaked in cold water over a night. Seeds should be shade dried before sowing.Common Name : Vembu

Flowering Season :Mar - May

Fruiting Season :Jul - Aug

No.of Seeds per kg : 4500

Germination Capacity :25%

Time Taken for Initial Germination : 10 days

Time Taken for Germination Capacity : 30 days

Germinative Energy : 20%

Plant Percentage : 20%

Purity Percentage : 99%

Moisture Percentage : 7%

No. of Seedling Per Kg : 900

Viability : 3 Months

Pretreatments Recommended : Soak seeds in cow dung slurry for 24 hrs before sowing

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