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Aarya Ventures (Gold Humate)

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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

USA Gold Humate is 100% organic Humate based soil conditioner with highest HUMUS & Organic Carbon content. It is the purest form of natural organic matter used as soil conditioner and soil supplement for crop amendments. It increases soil fertility, crop yield and work as source of all nutrients to soil & plant. Humate is the natural decompose of all plants and animals, naturally and biologically processed for 65-100 million years. The product is in a mix of powder and pellets form; hence it works efficiently for long time in the soil to promote microbiological activities, retain water in soil and quality of produce.


Value proposition or USP

  1. 1st time in India- Actual Organic Humate.
  2. Source of all-important micro-nutrients.
  3. Content of 5 fertilizers in one bag.


Features of Product:

  1. pH balancer.
  2. Water retention capacity.
  3. Replacement to chemical to a good extend.
  4. Slow releasing technology.



  1. Increase root growth
  2. Increase in crop yield up to 50%.
  3. Improve nutrient uptake.
  4. Improve soil fertility.
  5. Better growth: Vegetation & Fruit.
  6. Decrease chemical fertilizers use up to 50%.


Direction to Use:

Basal dose at the time land preparation

Standard farming: Use 20kg per Acre. Mix in the soil before sowing.

Organic farming: Use 40kg per Acre. 20kg before sowing, 20kg after flowering.


Dosage manual:

Sr. No




3 Month crops

20kg before Sowing.


6 Month crops

20kg before sowing & 20kg before flowering.


9 Month crops

20kg before sowing, 20kg on flowering, 20kg while fruiting.



20kg Pruning stage, 20kg at preparation & 20kg after flowering.                                                       

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