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Product Description

  • .Vigore® is world’s one of the best yield enhancer Biostimulants. Vigore® is a research-based proprietary formulation made with Neurospora crassa extract that contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, all in natural form together with an organic substrate. Vigore® is effective at all plant stages and the result is visible at every stage of plant growth and ultimately measured with the yield and quality. It helps in the fast development of the root system which enables the ability of plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently. It enhances enzymatic activity thus improving the nutrient utilization capacity of plants. It increases root & shoot growth, and initiates flowering and fruit set.

Technical Content

  • Neurospora Crassa Extract : 5%
  • Organic Substrate : 95 %
  • Total : 100%

Features & Benefits


  • This extract consists of exclusive fungal strains of Neurospora crassa, imbued with substances that promote plant growth.
  • This plays a pivotal role in expediting the rapid development of the root system in plants, thereby augmenting their capacity to absorb nutrients with heightened efficiency.
  • Through its unique properties, it elevates enzymatic activity within the plants, leading to a significant enhancement in their ability to utilize nutrients effectively.
  • Notably, the application of this product results in rapid increase in root growth especially white roots and shoot growth. Promoting a balanced and robust development of the entire plant structure.
  • Additionally, it acts as a catalyst for the initiation of flowering and fruit set, further contributing to the overall reproductive success and yield of the plants.
  • Essentially, this product offers a variety of advantages, including elevated nutrient absorption, heightened enzymatic activity, and holistic growth promotion, resulting in increased plant vitality and productivity, both in terms of high yield and enhanced quantity and quality.


  • Enzymatic Activity Boost: Enhances enzymatic activity, improving nutrient utilization and fostering optimal growth.
  • Robust Root Development: Stimulates vigorous root growth, improving nutrient and water absorption for overall plant health. Root System Facilitates rapid root system development especially white roots for efficient nutrient absorption
  • Accelerated Plant Growth: Vigore® promotes rapid plant growth, resulting in healthier and more vigorous crops. Promotes balanced white root and shoot growth for a robust plant structure.
  • Increased Yield and Quality: Enhances crop yield and quality, contributing to higher agricultural productivity. Overall, Vigore® offers heightened nutrient absorption, enzymatic activity, and holistic growth, ensuring increased plant vitality and productivity, characterized by high yield and enhanced quantity and quality.
  • Enhanced Disease Resistance: Strengthens plants' natural defenses, reducing susceptibility to diseases and pests.
  • Facilitated Seed Germination: Supports uniform and rapid seed germination, establishing a strong foundation for crop development.
  • Consistent Flowering and Fruit Setting: Vigore® aids in consistent flowering, fruit setting, and maturation processes. It act as a catalyst for flowering and fruit set, contributing to reproductive success.
  • Sustainability: Promotes sustainable agriculture by reducing reliance on chemical inputs and supporting environmental stewardship.
  • Compatibility: Vigore® is often compatible with conventional agricultural inputs, allowing for integrated and customized crop management.
  • Biochemical Modulation: Modulates various biochemical processes within plants, leading to improved physiological functions.
  • Versatility: Vigore® is adaptable to various crops and cultivation practices, providing flexibility for different agricultural systems.



  • All crops (vegetables, Flowers, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices)


  • Broadcasting: 250 gram per acre
  • Foliar Spray: 1 25 gram per litre of water
  • Drenching: 1.25 gram per litre of water
  • Drip irrigation. 125 gram per litre of water

Additional Information

  •  Broadcasting: With fertilizer or soil, Vigore® can be applied along with basal dose of fertilizer or With first fertilizer application as top dressing,
  • Foliar Spray: Spray Vigore® at active vegetative stage, flowering stage and fruit setting stage of plant.
  • Spray can be repeated at 15-20 days interval.
  • Drenching: Apply Vigore® through drenching at any Stage of crop
  • Drip Irrigation: Vigore® can be applied at any stage of the crop with a interval of 30 days between 2 applications.

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