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Furadan 3% Granular formulation of Carbofuran is FMC’s flagship brand and is one of the largest selling granular insecticides in India. In India, Furadan is registered in more than 25 crops and has a special place in Indian agriculture. Even after 4 decades of its introduction in India, it continues to be one of the most preferred insecticides of rice and sugarcane farmers. 

Till date there is no recorded instance of resistance development to Furadan in any insect species worldwide, thus making it a versatile choice to growers to manage the crop pests. Furadan, registered in over 70 countries and over 90 crops, is a broad spectrum insecticide and nematicide controlling a wide range of foliar pests, soil pests and nematodes. It provides the protection necessary to control more than 300 species of pests that destroy the crops and decrease yields and crop quality significantly. Furadan controls insects through contact as well as systemic mode of action. It is absorbed through the insect’s cuticle (skin) or spiracles (respiratory openings), or it can be ingested and absorbed through the gut.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review