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  • ₹ 150

Bighaat Bighaat



Doses & Application/Acre basis:


2kg/acre on covering the boundaries or 5 kg/acre for covering the entire crop area as broadcasting at good foliage condition this will help in getting crop nutrition and safety from animals for a longer duration of 15-20 days.                           

Best uniform application can be attained by Duster


Application Benefit:


  • Fertimine Repellant is prepared from 100% plan material   
  • It provides nutrients to crops and keeps away wild animals damaging crops without killing them, thus saving the annual loss at national level helping GDP growth.
  • It supplies the total nutrients required for the plant growth and productivity. 
  • Improves Farmers Economic health with no toxic to animals and increased nutritional balance in crops.                              
  • Its a unique state of art technology providing nutrients to crop and repelling animals without harming.

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