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  • Ekalux Insecticide is a broad-spectrum insecticide.
  • Ekalux technical name - Quinalphos 25 % EC
  • well-known insecticide product manufactured by Syngenta India Ltd.
  • It effectively controls a variety of pests, including cardamom thrips, yellow stem borer of paddy, mealy bug, brown plant hopper, green leaf hopper, corn root worms, and several other insects.
  • Ekalux Insecticide keeps crops safe for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent applications.

Ekalux Insecticide Technical Details

  • Technical Content: Quinalphos 25 % EC
  • Mode of Entry: Contact & Systemic
  • Mode of Action: Ekalux Insecticide operates through both contact and systemic mechanisms. The active ingredient, Quinalphos 25% EC, is taken up by plants and distributed internally, safeguarding them intrinsically. Pests consuming the foliage of sprayed crops ingest the chemical, leading to their elimination.

Key Features & Benefits

  • It protects plants from both external and internal pest threats.
  • Effective against various insect pests that can damage crops.
  • It helps ensure healthier and more abundant harvests.
  • Promotes overall plant growth and resilience.
  • It long-lasting effect makes it a cost-efficient option for pest control.

Ekalux Insecticide Usage & Crops

  • Recommended Crops: Cotton, Paddy, Oilseeds and Plantation Crop
  • Target Pests: Bollworms, caterpillars, Borers and Leaf Miners.
  • Dosage: 2ml/ 1 L of water or 400 ml/Acre
  • Method of Application: Foliar Spray


Additional information

  • Compatible with sticking agents.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Always follow to the recommended application guidelines outlined on the product label and accompanying leaflet.

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