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DOW NUTRIBUILD Mix EDTA 12% ( Chelate) - 250 gms -

DOW NUTRIBUILD Mix EDTA 12% ( Chelate) - 250 gms


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Bighaat Bighaat


  • Overall plant growth can be achieved by using the NUTRIBUILD Chelated micronutrient mixture.


  • Foliar: 1 to 2 gm per litre of water, and
  • Drip: 500 gm to 1.5 kg per acre
  • 2 to 3 applications during growing stage, before flowering & fruiting

More Information

All the deficiency symptoms associated with Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, B and Mo micronutrients can be corrected by using the mixture. These are:

 Chlorosis – pale colored or yellow leaves

 Short internodes (rosetting), decreased leaf size

 Delayed maturity

 Stem and twig dieback

 Stunted growth by reducing cell wall extension at the growing point

 All the above symptoms generally appear on young plants because most of the micronutrients are immobile in the plant.

NOTE: For severe deficiency of a particular micronutrient, it is advised to use individual micronutrient than NUTRIBUILD Chelated Mixture.