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Product Description

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  • Contaf Fungicide is an excellent triazole fungicide effective against variety of fungal diseases.
  • Contaf is known for its protective, curative, and antisporulant activity.
  • It offers a longer duration of disease control.

Contaf Fungicide Technical Details

  • Technical Content: Hexaconazole 5% EC
  • Mode of Entry: Systemic
  • Mode of Action: Contaf acts as a sterol biosynthesis inhibitor. It targets the biosynthetic pathway that produces sterols, which are vital components of fungal cell membranes. By inhibiting the enzyme 14α-demethylase, Contaf prevents the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol, an essential sterol in fungal cell membranes. This disruption leads to increased membrane permeability and ultimately, the death of the fungus.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Contaf Fungicide is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide and highly effective against a wide range of fungal diseases, including leaf spot, blight, anthracnose, fruit rot, rust, and powdery mildew.
  • It provides a protective layer, cures existing infections, and prevents the spread of spores
  • It gives phytotonic effect for healthier plant growth.
  • sheath blight of paddy, leaf spots, blights and powdery mildew of all vegetable crops, Fruit crops, Ornamentals etc.

Contaf Fungicide Usage & Crops

Recommended Crops & Target Diseases

  • Apple: Scab
  • Rice: Sheath blight & Blast
  • Groundnut: Tikka leaf spot
  • Mango: Powdery mildew
  • Soybean: Rust
  • Tea: Blister blight
  • Grapes: Powdery mildew

Dosage: 2 ml / L of water

Method of Application: Foliar Spray

Additional Information

  • Contaf Fungicide is considered safe for humans and animals when used as directed.
  • It has short Pre-Harvest Interval: It can be used on crops close to harvest time without concerns for residue, making it a practical choice for farmers

Disclaimer: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Always follow to the recommended application guidelines outlined on the product label and accompanying leaflet.

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