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Turning Point Natural care

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Bighaat Bighaat

Chipku Neem Oil ( water soluble grade)is cold extracted (Cold pressed) by crushing the Neem kernels using state of the art technology. This is the purest form of Neem Oil as solvent is not used for extraction and there are no additives. Neem oil has over 50 different active compounds with Azadirachtin being the main one, having its effect on over 300 insect species.

Neem oil as an insecticide:

  • Neem oil works very well as an insecticide in many plants when applied as a soil drench.
  • It causes insects to reduce or cease feeding, can prevent larvae from maturing, reduces or interrupts mating behaviour and, in some cases, the oil coats the breathing holes of insects and kills them.
  • It is a useful repellent for mites and used to manage over 200 other species of chewing or sucking insects including: Aphids Mealybugs Whiteflies
  • Bhumittra Neem oil as a fungicide: Neem oil is useful against fungi, mildews and rusts when applied by spraying.
  • It is also helpful for other kinds of issues such as: Root rot Black spot Sooty mold

Directions of Use :

Take 3-5 ml (or 1 tsp) Neem Oil and add 1 Litre of Water to it. NO need of mix any detergent or shampoo It is water soluble grade Stir vigorously and spray in the required area.


  • 100 % natural and organic water soluble neem oil
  • Dual purpose in the vegetable garden as both a pesticide and a fungicide.
  • It can safely be used on food, leaves no dangerous residue in the soil and effectively reduces or kills pests
  • Can be used as a beauty supplement and helps reduce redness and inflammation.
  • It is an herbal insecticide used in agricultural sprayers, farming and gardening

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