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Bighaat Bighaat

During the growing period which extends over 4 months maximum temperature ranging from 20°–30°C and a minimum temperature not below 10°C is ideal.

The fruit colour is affected at temperatures below 15°C.

Chilli is grown in many types of soils-sandy to heavy clay.

A well drained, fairly light fertile loam with a fair moisture holding capacity is ideal.

The light soils produce better quality fruits than heavy soils.

Chilli crop prefers a soil reaction ranging from pH 6–7.

Character / Variety Disha (BSS-453)
Plant height 3.5 feet
Days to first picking 65 days after transplanting
Fruit length 14-16 cm
Fruit diameter 1.5 cm
Fruit surface Smooth
Colour Unripe Yellowish Green
Colour Ripe Dark Red
Pungency Pungent
Remarks Good for fresh market. Long Jwala type Hybrid can be grown through out the year.

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Customer Reviews

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