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Bighaat Bighaat

      Marino is a biotechnological innovation. It is an organic store house of naturally occurring nutrients derived from vegetable seaweeds ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM of Norway Origin with special hydrolysis.
  • Bio extract organic manure for foliar application
  • Dark brown colored liquid
  • organic matter= 20.0% w/w
  • K as K2O=6-7% w/w
  • Nitrogen = traces and other trace elements


  • Healthy and vigorous crop
  • Increased root development
  • Efficient nutrient uptake
  • Increased retention of flowers and fruits
  • Increase in total weight yield
  • Bigger and Shining produce
  • Enhanced Keeping quality

Marino is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-chemical organic storehouse of naturally occurring substances like primary and secondary nutrients which influence the plant health at very low concentrations. 

Marino improves the health of crop by providing nutritional support to the plant at all stages. Marino is composed of natural seaweed and animal and vegetable origin products.

 The application of Marino preferably at early crop stage like seed/seedling, immediate development state results in strong, sturdy and healthy plant in vegetables. The application at pre reproductive stage  or flowering stage; peak flowering; fruit setting and fruit development and ripening stage results in significantly increased high quality produce; Minimum two consecutive applications of Marino are essential at an interval of 20-30 days for optimum results.

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Customer Reviews

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