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ALCARE - Liquid (Organic Disease Suppssor) RESEARCH PRODUCT

ALCARE - Liquid (Organic Disease Suppssor) RESEARCH PRODUCT

Amruth Organic Fertilizers

  • ₹ 250
  • ₹ 850

Bighaat Bighaat


(azadirachtin 1%)

Alcare is containing azadirachtin at 1% , salts of phosphorous and enzymes fortified with alkaloids of plant origin and organic components like Humic and fulvic acids. Alcare is a systemic organic fungicide and controls disease like Kole–roga of arecanut , Coconut, wilt disease of black pepper, ginger, Turmeric and Betel vine, Downy mildew disease of cucurbits, Grapes ,Onion and other vegetable crops, damping off disease in nursery crops effectively.

Method of application:

  • For plantation crops like Areca nut & Coconut Spray during pre and post monsoon.
  • For other crops when crops are susceptible for diseases.


  • Dissolve 2 to 3 ml of Alcare in one liter of water and spray / Drenching. 2 to 3 sprays are recommended with an interval of 15 days between each spray.

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