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ADMIRE INSECTICIDE ( एडमायर कीटनाशक ) -

ADMIRE INSECTICIDE ( एडमायर कीटनाशक )


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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

Technical Content: Imidacloprid 70 WG


  • Admire contains Imidacloprid, one of the world's best selling insecticides.
  • It is a Contact, Systemic insecticide belonging to the chemical pesticide class of neonicotinoids and is very effective against various insect pests.
  • Admire 70 WG is a product of most advanced German technology called Fluidised Bed Granulation Process which dissolves very fast in the water and forms a uniform and stable spray suspension.
  • It is safe for the plant and has better spread faster absorption of the active ingredient by the plants resulting in better efficacy.

 Dosage: 0.3 gm/litre

 Application: 60 grams/acre

 Targeted Plant insects

Aphids, Black aphids, Brown plant leafhopper, Bugs, Cardamom aphid, Chilli thrips, Fruit rust thrips, Grape thrips, hispa, Jassids, Mango hoppers, Marginal gall thrips, Rice hispa, sugarcane wooly aphid, White flies in plants

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