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Amruth Organic Fertilizers

  • ₹ 300
  • ₹ 1,550

Bighaat Bighaat



ACROMITE is a innovative organic Biotech formulation of Amruth organic Fertilizer containing neem oil and herbal extract having insecticidal activities. It has insecticidal properties against all types of mite insects like red spider mites, gall mites etc. It has both preventive and curative action but does not leave any residue either on crop or produce and gets degraded naturally.

Method of Application: Spraying
Time of Application: Preventive and or Curative

Some precautionary measures to be followed are:


  • Quantity need to be followed strictly as per the recommended rate.
  • Time of spray must be carried out: at early morning 6-9 am or late evening (5-7pm) in cool air.
  • Sprayer and its parts like spray nozzle, spray tank should be tide and clean.



  • Don’t spray before establishment of crop.
  • Don’t use any oxidized salts.
  • Don’t combine with water soluble macro nutrient fertilizers (Like Urea, DAP, etc.)
  • Don’t mix with any herbicides (Like Glyphosate, etc).
  • Don’t spray in abnormal weather conditions (Rain and after noon hours when high temperature).


Chemical Composition

Famesol 25.0, Ocimum Scantum 13.0, Alkoloids 6.0, Andropogon Nardus 14.0, Formulation ingredients 41.0 & azadirachtin 1%



1-2ml per liter.

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