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ABHIGYAN TOMATO (अभिज्ञान टमाटर )


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Abhigyan is a Determinate type variety, other salient features are given below

Salient Features:

 Abhigyan Tomato Features

Excellent plant vigor Robust & strong plant growth Escape environment stress and disease incidence
Early in fruit picking Early in harvest & shipment to market Faster pay back and increase income to growers
Uniform & attractive deep red fruits Preferred by retailers Fetches premium price and ensure higher returns
Excellent fruit firmness Suitable for long distance transportation

Higher produce price in the market

Resistance to Tolcv & Early Blight Lesser number of pesticides sprays

More C:B to the growers


Planting recommendation:

Seed rate (depending on spacing) : 3.5 ft x 1 ft (60 -70 gm/Acre)
4.0 ft x 1.5 ft ( 50 gm/Acre)
Transplanting: Tomato seedlings are transplanted when they become 25-30 days old & are 8-10 cm in height or each seedling possesses 5-6 leaves.

Fertilizer Recommendation:

Commercial Mix Dosage recommendation:

>First dose 6-8 days after transplanting: 50:100:100 NPK Kg/acre

>Second dose 20 – 25 days after first application: 25: 50: 50 NPK kg / acre

>Third dose 20 – 25 days after second application: 25: 0: 0 NPK Kg/acre

>At the time of Flowering: Sulphur (Bensulf) 10 Kg/acre

>At the time of Fruit Setting: Boracol ( BSF-12) 50 Kg./acre

>Spray Calcium nitrate (1%solution) at the time of flowering (To increase fruit set).

>Spray Urea & Soluble K (1% solution each) at 15 days interval during harvesting time (To increase no. of pickings).

Recommended States

Toll Free Number

For queries on product/Hybrid information, please call Seminis Farm Care Centre on 1800-3000-0303 (toll free, supports all major Indian Regional languages)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review