Solar lights for sale

Solar lights are the special lights which utilizes the solar energy to light up. Solar lights for sale are kept for selling in shopping malls. Solar lights for sale are available in different sizes and different gauges. They are designed in different styles and different colours. Solar lights for sale are also available with multipurpose functions. These lights are used as street lights, lightings at farm gates, farm security systems, farm houses, traffic signals etc.

The highly efficient lights with smaller sizes for temporary and short duration activities can be found at solar lights for sale in different seasons. The handy and compact lights are also sold at solar lights for sale schemes with best prices.

Solar lights are new breakthrough to this modern world and they are also called as solar lamps or lantern. The solar lights purchased in solar lights for sale does the same work as normal electric light. Only difference is Solar light draw energy or power from batteries that are charged using the power of the sun and have trapped the energy inside.

Use of solar lights have numerous benefits.

Environment Friendly: Solar lights play a major role in reducing global carbon emission. Solar lights utilize a technology that is renewable which decreases the problems caused by the exhaustion of our planet’s resources.

Cost-effectiveness: The biggest advantage of solar lighting is its cost. Can save electricity bill.

Low cost maintenance: Solar lights require few checkup or cleaning yearly.

Wide variety of models/ brands: There are numerous styles, shapes, sizes, and types of solar lights. One can select the solar lights based on the requirement. Like- for Agriculture use, home use, for gardens, fields, office, streets lights ETC.

  • Easy to carry or handy solar lights are also available in market where a person can carry light where ever he wants.
  • Solar lights can be charged for 10hrs and can be used upto 12hrs.


Use of Solar lights in agriculture farming

Recent advances in agriculture has also helped farmer to use the renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind and other natural resources. Many farmers have already started using solar lights in agriculture.

Farmers have installed solar lights near their farm sheds, dairy farming sheds, poultry farm sheds and sericulture structures.

Handy solar lights which are carriable have been used by our Indian farmers. They are using the solar lights to visit to the fields in darkness, baiting insects, rodents and snakes. The solar lights are also used by farmers to take up harvesting and post harvesting activities.

Recently the solar light technology is used in pest control techniques like trapping insects, solar light fitted helmets to kill any bigger sized pests like rats, bandikoots, boars etc.

The solar lights are also applicable in the fencing, to avoid the entry of wild boars, elephants and other wild animals. The solar lights with different coloured LED bulbs are the innovative animal deterrents. These coloured solar lights are provided with the technology of blinking in different manners, which may involve in the animal behavior and keep away from the vicinity of solar light fixed area.

Solar lights have the technology of absorbing the solar energy in the day time, storing in the batteries and utilizing the stored solar energy in the form of light. The solar lights save extra expenses to be spent for protecting crop. Solar lights for sale online are available with BigHaat with different brands.

BigHaat offers Sun king brand solar lights for sale with best prices among different products. BigHaat has also have Triveni brand solar lights for sale with innovative technology which can be used for keeping away the crop damaging animals away.

BigHaat have solar lights for sale in the form of instrument fitted with the insect trap technology to control many sucking insects in crops.