Power sprayers

Power sprayers in agriculture is a Plant protection Equipment

In Modern Agriculture Pests and disease incident on the crops are to be overcome by the application of poisonous chemicals. Any chemicals used for plant protection cannot be handled by human operators directly because that needs to be applied in fine particles. This necessitates the use of sprayers.

Sprayers are using from Ancient agriculture to Modern agriculture as the technology advances and newer crop varieties are introduced newer insects, pests and diseases are also growing up and methods are device to control them.

Wide range of sprayers are using from ancient agriculture depend upon the crop & usage of chemical.

The different types of sprayers are Hand Operated sprayer, low pressure sprayers, Tractor Mounted Power Sprayers, High pressure Power Sprayers, Air-carrier Sprayers, Foggers.

Hand operated sprayers: These are cheap, portable and convenient to use. Suitable for crops like paddy, cotton plants which are in smaller in height mainly suitable for gardening and any indoor cultivation also.

Low pressure Sprayers: These include different type’s capacity of tank and size of tanks which include tractor mounted, Trailer –Mounted and Truck mounted varieties works with a principle of hydraulics.  These are more efficient then hand Sprayers but expensive mainly useful for Large scale Framing.

High Sprayer Sprayers: These sprayers are mainly designed for thick Bushes and Tall tress mainly helps spraying in Fruit plantation. The high-Pressure sprayer are also called as power sprayers.

Air Carrier Sprayers: These sprayers are designed for the application of concentrated chemicals through the air. The air which transports the chemicals dissipates and dilutes them. They are also expensive to get, and the cost of maintenance is high.

Foggers: The foggers are useful to spray liquid pesticides in the form of air vapour. They function in greenhouses or an area infested with a crop pest that needs treatment. Foggers are prone to drifting as a result of windy conditions. Meanwhile, the pesticides released in the form of vapour causes Environment toxicity

Power sprayers are the agriculturally important implements for modern agriculture. Sprayers are the instruments which pumps the liquid to disperse out as small or minute particles for the leaves to absorb and at the same time the particles can cover the maximum surface area.

Power sprayers are the improved devices to pump out more liquid and with more speed as well. Farmers are provided with power sprayers fitted with pumps which can run on kerosene, petrol and electricity. Recent innovations some of the power sprayers are also fitted with solar cells, lithium batteries.

Larger orchards like mango plantations requires high energy power sprayers to reach maximum height of the trees. Mango trees are sprayed with plant protection agents during agents flowering stage for proper flower retention and maximum fruit set. Usually the power sprayers fitted with two lancets are used by the farmers to spray in mango orchards.

Power sprayers are sold in different sizes and different technologies. Different capacity power sprayers are fitted with various capacity engines ranging form 1 HP to 3 hp. Powers sprayers for larger farm acreage are also fitted to tractor engine for the energy.

The pumps are the actual instrument which decide the performance of the power sprayers. The required capacity pumps are assembled with required capacity engines. These engines are manufactured and supplied by many power sprayers manufacturers like Honda, Neptune, Aspee etc.

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