Poultry Equipment

Agriculture or farming involves many activities where one or the other farm machinery. Farm machinery and equipments used in agriculture range from bigger size to a small hand tool. In fact, the farming compulsorily requires one or the other farm machinery and equipment tools in every activity.

Farm machinery and equipments are required in soil cultivational activities, animal rearing, poultry rearing, apiculture, sericulture, fisheries and more.

Chick rearing or duck rearing require the different kinds of poultry equipment in all stages of rearing. The poultry equipments majorly required will be Incubators, brooders, Hatchers, heaters, sanitisers like pumps, rakes, Vaccinators, reflector lights, egg handling devices, feed and water feeders or drinkers.

The sophisticated poultry equipments like Brooders, hatcheries and incubators are used in hatcheries. These poultry equipments are also supported by air compressors. The standby power or power generators are also considered as poultry equipments.

High speed water dispersing pump if one poultry equipment used to sanitize the poultry farm regularly. Poultry Sprinkler gun is an important poultry equipment regularly used in poultry farming. Poultry equipments like sprayers are used to disinfect the farm building regularly.

The most important poultry equipments required may be feeders and drinkers to the growing chick in the poultry farm. The feeder’s poultry equipments are either manual or automated.

Small poultry equipments are designed to use in Poultry farms for the ease of works like change of beds. The change of the litter is made by poultry equipments like rakes or spade. The automatic poultry equipment to remove the litter bed is also available.

Crates to carry the chicks are poultry equipments made of either plastic or iron which are durable and strong enough to sustain long transportation.  Poultry equipments to carry eggs will be either plastic or reused paper.

Other poultry equipments which are used are thermometers, humidifiers, flame gun, heaters, weighing balances, nest boxes, torches etc.

Poultry feeder and drinker

To feed the chickens in the poultry farm the most important poultry equipments required may be feeders and drinkers to the growing chick in the poultry farm. The feeder’s poultry equipments are either manual or automated.

Recent advances poultry equipments related to feed have developed automatic feeder. To minimise the labour involvement and contaminations new poultry their poultry feeder equipments are designed.

Economical poultry feeder and drinker may be the linear feeder where birds can have proper spacing to feed. Poultry feeder and drinker poultry equipment for drinking water similar to linear feeder is known as linear waterer or channel waterers.

To reduce the wastage of feed and water poultry feeder are mechanised with unique technology made of strong materials. Circular feeders or drinker’s poultry feeder and drinker are available for small and medium sized farms.

To feed the layers or other chickens to take special care with extra nutrient or medicinal supplements the grit box feeders are used.

To provide water to the chicks the poultry feeder and drinker poultry equipment can also be basin type, Jar type and bell type with automatic and semi-automatic technologies.

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