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Plant Pathology and Fighting Plant Diseases

Winning the Battle Against Plant Diseases Seminis pathologists are global leaders in the development of new disease-resistant vegetable varieties. Our world-renowned team specializes in dealing with bacterial, fungal, nematode (microscopic worms), viral and seed-borne diseases. We're battling more than 200 plant diseases. When a plant is naturally resistant to an insect pest, it often provides the best protection possible — without the use of chemicals. That's why this type of research is prioritized for Seminis varieties. When a disease does become a problem, our pathologists are on-scene to help the growers diagnose the disease, identify the causal agent and set a course of action. This protects our customers and the industry – and supports a stable supply of wholesome vegetables for consumers.

Disease Terminology


Immunity Not subject to attack or infection by a specified pest or pathogen. Seminis makes NO claims of immunity in product lines.
High Resistance The ability of a plant variety to highly restrict the activities of a specific pathogen or insect pest and/or to restrict the symptoms and signs of a disease, when compared to susceptible varieties. Varieties with high resistance may exhibit some symptoms when a specified pathogen or pest pressure is severe. New and/or atypical strains of the specific pathogen or pest may overcome the resistance.
Intermediate Resistance The ability of a plant variety to restrict the growth and development of the specified pest or pathogen, but may exhibit a greater range of symptoms compared to resistant varieties. Intermediate resistant plant varieties will still show less severe symptoms or damage than susceptible plant varieties when grown under similar environmental conditions and/or pest or pathogen pressure.
Susceptibility The inability of a plant variety to restrict the growth and development of a specified pest or pathogen.
Tolerance The ability of a plant variety to endure abiotic stress without serious consequences for growth, appearance and yield. Seminis makes NO claims of tolerance to diseases or disorders caused by pests.