Pesticides for Plants

Plants are prone to many pests during their life cycle. The insects, diseases, nematodes and weeds are the more common pests of the crop plants.  Pesticides for plants are used in the form of  insecticides to manage the insect pests like Red spider mites, two spotted mites, Whiteflies, Thrips, Aphids, Mealy bugs, Plant hoppers, bugs, leaf eating larvae or caterpillars or worms, shoot borers, fruit borers, leaf miners, stem borers, bark eating caterpillars, root grubs, chafers, beetles, Root knot nematodes, Root lesion nematodes.. Etc.

Pesticides in the form of fungicides are used for plants to control common diseases caused by fungi like leaf spots, blights, mildews, wilts, rots, rusts, dieback and pesticides to control bacterial infections are used on the plants.

Pesticides to kill unwanted plants or weeds [herbs] are used in the crop cycle at various stages.

Pesticides for plants which are used to manage or control pests are made of natural materials called natural pesticides, organic ingredients those may be classified as organic pesticides, and many chemical pesticides are available with chemical ingredients. Best chemical pesticides are available online in India’s leading Agri Digital platform. Pesticides like fungicides, insecticides and herbicides are available online on leading agro store. Online agro store BigHaat sells the pesticides for plants from various brands like Bayer, Syngenta, Indofil, Corteva, PI, Dhanuka, Dow agro Science, Crystal crop care and many other Indian and multinational brands.

Natural Pesticides for Plants

Natural pesticides for plants are the pesticides used naturally available materials like essential oils, plant extracts, plant secondary metabolites’ which have detrimental action towards the plant pests.Seed extracts of Neem, Koranja are some of the natural pesticides.

The natural pesticides when used on plants will have direct or indirect effect. Natural pesticides may pest’s physiology, may have deterrent activity, may involve in the moulting stage, and may kill the embryo. Many times the natural pesticides avoid the growth of plant pathogenic spores to develop. Natural pesticides may also be called organic pesticides can kill insect pests like thrips, aphids, mealybugs, mites, early instar larvae, hoppers and some bugs.

Biological pesticides can also be called as natural or organic pesticides. Many live organisms which have parasitic activity on the pests are popularly known as natural or organic pesticides. The bacteria, fungi, virus, nematodes, hyper parasitic insects are organic pesticides which may be used for the pest management.

Pseudomonas, Bacillus are bacterial species natural pesticides for plants which can control various insects and diseases. Trichoderma, Verticillium, Metarhizium, Etc., fungal species are some of the natural or organic pesticides to control some plant diseases and insects on plants. Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) Heterorhabditis indica is natural pesticide which have detrimental activity on soil pests.

Natural pesticides or organic pesticides for plants in India are produced from Indian and multinational brands like Koppert biologicals, International Panacea, Multiplex Biotech, PJ Margo are producers and sellers of the natural as well as organic pesticides for plants. The natural pesticides and organic pesticides are available on BigHaat, the online agri input store in India.