Neem extract preparing method from neem seed kernel

Pest controlled

Beetle larvae, butterfly and moth caterpillars, stalk borers, true bugs, plant and leaf-hoppers, adult beetles, thrips, fruit flies, scale insects, mealy bugs etc.     



For preparation of 100 liters of 5% NSKE solution, following material are required

Neem seed kernels (well dried) – 5 kg are powdered and soaked in 10tl of water over night until it turns to milky white and filter it in double layer muslin cloth and make volume of 100lt, add 1% detergent (Make a paste of the detergent and then mix it in the spray solution, Mix the spray solution well and use .


Neem Kernel extracts (500 to 2000 ml) is required per tank (10 liters capacity). 3-5 kg of neem kernel is required for an acre. Remove the outer seed coat and use only the kernel. If the seeds are fresh, 3 kg of kernel is sufficient. If the seeds are old, 5 kg are required.

Spray extract after 3.30 pm to get effective results.