Tomato is one of the most widely cultivated crops in India. Tomato crop varieties are available as both hybrid tomato seeds and OP varieties.

Seminis brand hybrid tomato seeds, Mahyco brand hybrid tomato seeds, Namdhari brand hybrid tomato seeds, Hybrid tomato seeds from Syngenta, Hybrid tomato seeds of Raasi brand available for farmers.

Hybrid tomato seeds from Fito brand for summer season, Hybrid tomato seeds from US Agri seeds brand can be cultivated year-round. Hybrid tomato seeds for Assam, Hybrid tomato seeds for March sowing, Hybrid tomato seeds for Rabi sowing in Tamil Nadu are produced by Tokita, Syngenta, Namdhari, Raasi, PHS etc company.

Heat tolerant Syngenta hybrid tomato seeds, Virus tolerant hybrid tomato seeds from seminis company are available in India for farmers. Wilt resistant hybrid tomato seeds are  produced by Mahyco, Indo-american seeds,

Acidic taste segment tomato hybrid tomato seeds are produced by east west seeds, Namdhari, Bioseeds, Fito and others.

Determinate type hybrid tomato seeds from many Indian and foreign brands are grown in India. Indeterminate type of hybrid tomato seeds is produced to grow in controlled conditions or protected cultivation. Long duration hybrid tomato seeds and Short duration hybrid tomato seeds are also produced by many seed companies.


 Hybrid tomato seeds available online:

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