Agricultural Machinery

Indian agriculture is booming with utilization on modern technologies like labor reduction intensive machines, protected cultivation of high value crops, efficient irrigation water utilization techniques, and etc. Making this information available to the end user and making available of the required latest agriculture implements or equipment's for farmers or end users is more important.

Innovative high quality agricultural machinery from famous brands and agriculture implements and equipment's with latest technologies for the farm related works are available online.

In recent agricultural engineering development the use of High capacity tractors is trending and they can be purchased online. The capacity of the tractors for farm work are available in 25 HP, 30 HP, 35 HP, 40 HP, 45HP, 50 HP, 55 HP, 60 HP, 70 HP and upto 120 HP. Brands like Farmtrac, Mahindra, Massey Fergusson, John Deere, Powertrac are some of the leading tractors manufacturers.

Farm equipment's like rotovators, bund formers, raised bed makers, reapers, harvesters, diggers, and post-hole diggers designed for farm works related to land preparations, land levelling, etc., are made available to buy online. Kamal Kisan, Hectare, Shakthimaan are the manufacturers of these kind of agriculture implements. Stihl post hole digger is available to buy online.

Farm machinery for plant protection like sprayers, spray pumps, High performance sprayers and double piston spray pumps, Boomers for grape plantations, power sprayers, and foggers can be purchased. Small agriculture equipment's like hand sprayers are also available to purchase on line. The solar light traps to trap the crop or plant pests can also be purchased online. Kisan Kraft, Ratnagiri impex, Crystal are some of the sprayer machine sellers on the platform. Hectare  and KisanX are the brands of solar light traps available online.

Small agricultural machinery developed for weed management like weeders, power weeders, weed cutters, bush cutter, brush cutters are available online. Kamalkisan, KisanKraft, Ratnagiri impex supplies the weeders and brush cutter agriculture machines.

Mulching paper and mulching paper laying machine as tractor attachment is latest technology in agricultural machinery research which has made famers save time and labour. Mulch hole maker is small hand agriculture equipment for making holes on the mulching paper laid on the soil. Kamalkisan manufactures the mulch laying machines and hectare manufacture the mulch hole makers.

Seed and fertiliser dibbler one of the recent agriculture technology to ease the sowing seeds in precision. Seedling transplanter is recently designed agriculture small sized equipment for seedling transplanting which can save time and give transplanted seedling support to establish healthy and sturdy. Kisan Kraft and Hectare are supplying the seedling transplanters.

Protected cultivation in poly houses and net houses require lot of accessories during crop production cycle. Crop clips, plastic threads, thermometers, pH meters, EC meters soil moisture indicators etc. are available. Ninsar agritech manufactures the 4 in one soil tester which can test soil moisture, soil temperature, Soil pH and Electrical Conductivity.

Small implements regularly required by the farmers like solar lights are also available online. Sun King sells solar lights online with BigHaat.

Small tools required for farm activities are also some kind of agricultural equipments. They are hand tools like Khurpa, cutters, sickles, spades, mango harvesters, fruit harvesters, hand weeders, Shears, secateurs..etc. KisanKaft, Stihl, Falcon, Hectare, Tata are some of the manufacturers of the items of hand tools.

Farm machinery or equipments are also used in agriculture subsidiary enterprises like dairy, poultry and others. For dairy chaff cutters for the chopping the fodder into small sizes for easy consumption. Chaff cutters are also used to chaff the fodder for silage preparation.

Motorized chaff cutters are used in the dairy farms with more animals. Power operated and manual Milking machines are used to milch the animals which saves time and labour. Dairy farmers also requires items like cow carpets, feeders, feed containers, silage bags, Fly catchers etc. These all dairy inputs can be purchased online. Siddon Equipments and Ecowealth are the manufacturers of the dairy implements like chaff cutters and the milking machines.

Poultry farming requires some of the items like chick feeders, drinkers, which are available online. Siddon Biotech manufactures the poultry equipments.

Farm implements and agricultural equipments are designed and manufactured for the benefits of the farmers in the field and at the stages of crop production. Some of them are manual, some are semi- automatic and some of them are power operated. These machineries not only completes the work fast but also with the high accuracy. The labour requirement is minimized and many time the cost of production is reduced.

Some of the equipments like soil tester will help the farmer in planning the input purchase to his field. Based on the pH value of the soil tested, soil amendment can be done for the high yield and reduce the crop losses due to abnormal pH values. Moisture test can help him to plan for irrigation and avoid unnecessary water application and reduce the bad effects of more water.

So the intelligent way of utilisation of the latest innovative agricultural machinery in the production of agricultural output will benefit the farmers in many ways.