Adjuvants and Surfactants

Modern agriculture has lot of innovations added in the production process. Use of Adjuvants and Surfactants in pest control is one of the new technologies. Adjuvants and surfactants play an important role in agriculture to improve the performance of pesticides applied through sprays on plant foliage like herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.  

Best adjuvants & surfactants to increase efficient delivery of active ingredients or pesticides.

High quality new adjuvants & surfactants to reduce the wastage of pesticide active ingredients.

Latest and best quality adjuvants & surfactants to extend the spectrum or coverage of pesticide application and effectiveness.

Best quality and new adjuvants & surfactants like spreaders, stickers, emulsifiers, wetting agents to increase of surface contact of pesticides when sprayed.

Better quality adjuvants & surfactants to reduce runoff, and increase leaf penetration of insecticides used to control pests.

Good and latest agricultural adjuvants & surfactants to enhance herbicide performance to kill weeds.

Latest high-quality adjuvants & surfactants launched in the market to use along with insecticides.

Adjuvants and surfactants to mix with round up to kill tough weeds.

The best adjuvants and surfactants to mix with herbicides in paddy crop to kill cyperus and cynadon weeds.  Good quality adjuvants and surfactants for use in sprays to kill mites of tomato crop.

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