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उत्कर्ष एज़ोस्पिरिलोज़ (जैव उर्वरक)

Utkarsh Agro

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Bighaat Bighaat

  • Utkarsh Azospiriloz is a bio fertilizer containing Azospirillum sp.  
  • Utkarsh Azospiriloz are free-living aerobic bacteria that possess the ability of nitrogen fixing. 
  • Utkarsh Azospiriloz are considered as important plant growth promoter of many cereals 
  • Utkarsh Azospiriloz are non-nodule forming microorganisms. 
  • Utkarsh Azospiriloz colonize the surface and the interior of roots, both wild and agricultural plants and this kind of relationship is called a rhizosphere association.  
  • Utkarsh Azospiriloz is able to fix 10–15 kg Nitrogen per acre. 
  • Recommended crops: The application of biofertilizer containing Azospirillum sp. strains is recommended in non-legume plants such as paddy, millets, oilseeds, sugarcane, banana, coconut, oil palm, cotton, chilly, lime, coffee, tea, spices and herbs.  
  • Dosage: 1-2 liters/acre in conjunction with castor cake or FYM or soil. 
  • Mode of application: By drenching, with FYM/castor cake/soil, with flood irrigation water, through drip irrigation. 


Azospirillium Spp.

Viable Cell count: 2 x 10⁸cfu/ml (min.)

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