EF Polymer Private Limited providing 100% Organic and fully Biodegradable Super Absorbent Polymer cum Fertilizer to reduce Water and Fertilizer requirement. It is an agricultural firm that provides products & sustainable input solutions to save water and fertilizer usage.

फसल अमृत (सुपर अवशोषक पॉलिमर)

EF Polymer
फसल अमृत (सुपर अवशोषक पॉलिमर)
फसल अमृत (सुपर अवशोषक पॉलिमर)
Fasal Amrit Natural Hydrogel
Fasal Amrit Natural Hydrogel
Fasal Amrit Hydrogel
Fasal Amrit Hydrogel

फसल अमृत (सुपर अवशोषक पॉलिमर)

EF Polymer
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  • Fasal Amrit Hydrogel is an organic Super Absorbent Polymer made with biowaste from juice shops. It is useful to reduce the irrigation water & fertilizer requirement and help to get more yield without affecting the soil and crop.

Technical Content

  • Organic matter
  • Organic carbon 27.49%
  • Organic manure 47.39
  • Others ( ca,mg,cl,zn,cu,ni) 25.72

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Features & Benefits

  • The product can enhance soil health by providing micronutrients and maintaining the moisture content and helping the growth of microbe, which is almost at zero level due to the high usage of chemical fertilizer.
  • Water Saving - Reduce more than 40% of irrigation water requirement.
  • Reduce Fertilizer - Reduce fertilizer by more than 20% for your crop.
  • More Yield - Get 15% more yield without polluting soil.
  • Grow Organically - Grow organically with the fully biodegradable product


  • CROPS - All crops.
  • INSECTS AND DISEASES - Protects plants from fungal, bacterial and nematode diseases.
  • DOSAGE -
    • For Silt Loam Soil - 5 kgs of Fasal Amrit per acre.
    • For Silt Clay Loam Soil - 4.5 kgs of Fasal Amrit per acre.
    • For Clay Soil - 4.5 kgs of Fasal Amrit per acre.