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एग्री नैनोटेक

Nano Research Lab

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  • Agri-Nanotech’ is an eco-friendly, multi-component, oxidizing biocide.
  • A highly effective sanitizing solution is formed utilising a stable combination of Nano Silver, Nano Copper, Nano Zinc and Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • This combination is so effective that it crease a biocide 20 times more powerful than that of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Agri-Tech has an efficient bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal abilities.
  •  Multi functional as it finds a wide range of applications.
  •  Multimedia sanitation. (Air, Water, Soil, Surface) 
  • Nontoxic on humans and plants. 
  • Cold sterilant, not requiring any heat for disinfection. 
  • Non foaming nature.
  • Does not require flushing with water.
  • Main functions of Nanoparticles.
  • Destroys further enzyme production for cellular metabolism.
  • The DNA structure is rearranged accounting for zero microbial replication.

For all types of Crops.

  •  Shake well before use.
  •  Dilute 1 ml Agri-Tech in 1 Ltr Water and Spray on the Crops in some cases 2.5ml per Ltr is recommended.

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