Rust On Beans Diseases Management And Control

Rust on beans is a fungus that attacks the leaves, pods and shoots of bean plants. The fungal spores spread quickly and can take down an entire garden of beans if left unchecked. The most common symptom of rust is seen in the leaves, which become covered in a mix of yellow, brown and red.
  • Rust on beans is caused by Uromyces phaseoli var typica
  • The common bean rust disease occurs especially in locations prevail during the bean growing season.
  • Bean rust occurs mostly in wet weather where humid to moderately humid conditions prevails/ long dew periods and cool conditions for longer period.
  • It is easily spread by wind from one plant to another.
  • It can survive from one season to the next on crop remains/debris.

Symptoms Of Rust On Beans

  • Bean diseases can occurs on most aerial parts of bean plant but are most often observed on the leaves.
  • Symptoms also occur on pods and sometimes on branches and stems
  • The spots first appear as small brown dots containing a brown powder, which are spores of the disease.
  • Later spots become larger and spores turn black.
  • Reddish brown pustules are seen on the lower surface of the leaves.
  • The leaves turn yellow and dry or fall off and pods get deep dark pits 
  • If the infection is less (3 percent), the loss is about 2.7%.
  •  If it is more (79 percent), the loss will be 37%.


Mode of spread :-

  • The rust fungus is disseminated locally by farm tools, insects, animals, or other moving bodies.
  • Wind borne Spore (uredospore) is the principal agent for long-distance spore dissemination.

Bean Rust Life cycle:-

These spores germinate and enter a leaf through the plant stomata (breathing pores). They develop within the host tissue to form a small white spot or blister in 5-7 days and mature reddish-brown pustules in 10 to 12 days.


Products To Manage Rust On Beans

CRYSTAL TILT FUNGICIDE 1 ml/liter of Water + ECONEEM PLUS - AZADIRACHTIN 10000 PPM - 1ml/lt of water




 DHANUKA ZEROX FUNGICIDE 0.5 to 1ml / liter of water + ECONEEM PLUS - AZADIRACHTIN 10000    PPM - 1ml/lt of water





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