Carrot may be infested by a relatively small number of damaging pest insect species that can reduce both quality and yield. Following are some of the major insect pests, which are limiting the production of carrots.



  •  Aphids of nymphs and adults stage suck the plant sap usually on the young growing and succulent plant parts.
  •  The young leaves, stems, buds, flowers, fruits or peaches gets affected.
  • The plants which are attacked by aphids show the symptoms of twisted, curled or swollen branches, leaves and stems.


Spray with Actara-0.5gm/lt or Dhanpreet -0.5gm/lt+Econeem plus-1ml/lt   of water

Leaf hoppers (Plant hoppers):


  • The wedge shaped pale green leafhoppers lay eggs on the leaves.
  • Later both adults and nymphs suck the sap from undersides of the leaves, from green stems and remove tissues from infested parts.
  • While infesting they secrete and leave toxic sticky saliva called honeydew that may cause sooty mold to develop.
  • The leaves of infested plants turn yellow with white spots,get twisted, and the plants become stunted.Under severe infestations the leaves may get burned which is often referred as “hopper burn”/"Tip burn”

  • Management:

    Spray with Sanvex sp-1.5-2gm/lt or Media-0.75-1ml/lt + Econeem plus-1ml/lt   of water

Carrot Weevils:


  • Irregular dark grooves in zig-zag pattern on roots.
  • Leaves of the plant may yellow.
  • Adult insect is a dark colored beetle.
  • larvae are white to pinkish white C-shaped grubs with a yellow-brown head.


    Spray with Alanto-2ml/lt or Solomon-1ml/lt +Econeem plus-1ml/lt of water

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