Manage Root Knot Nematodes in Guava Orchard


Guava (Psidium guajava L.) is one of the important commercial fruit grown in India. A number of plant pathogens have been reported to attack guava trees including fungi, bacteria, algae and nematodes.

              Guava problems

In recent days the guava crop is suffering the attack of root knot nematodes leading to major crop losses in many guava crop growing areas.

The Organism

                                 Root Knot nematode in Guava crop

In present Guava cultivation a new species of root-knot nematode i.e., Meloidogyne enterolobii is an emerging problem and wide spreading across the country. Majority of the farmers are growing high density and ultra-high density cropping patterns.

             Root knot damage in Guava crop  Root Knot damage in Guava crop

Most of the districts of Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and other states of India. Almost all farmers’ guava fields are invaded by these nematodes causing crop losses. 


Guava plant show above-ground decline symptoms 

         Guava plant show above-ground decline symptoms

  • Drastic reduction in plant growth, reduced flowering and fruit setting and finally death of tree in severe infestations.
  • Leaves shows bronzing colour.

           Guava plant show above-ground decline symptoms

  • Plant exhibits stunted growth.
  • Declined yield quality and quantity.

Below ground symptoms-

  • Roots with large sized galls.
  • Absence of fine white roots, a poorly developed root system.

        Guava plant show below ground symptoms

  • Severely infested roots will be distorted by small and large multiple galls.
  • Brown colored degraded roots are visible at severely infected roots.

Management of root knot nematodes in Guava trees

Biological control of nematodes may be achieved by application of microorganisms like Trichoderma harzianum and Paecelomyces Lilacinus to the soil every year. 

Multiplex Saferoot about 100 gm per tree OR Agri nematode OR PMDC

             Biological control of Nematodes in Gauva crop

These fungi will invade the free living root not nematodes Meloidogyne enterolobii in the root zone of guava plants or trees.

  1. Drenching the plants with Drenching for individual plants/trees  of following mixtures at 15 days interval

                                                                                                                                             Drenching  for control of nematodes on guava crops available on bighaat

           Drenching for control of nematodes on  guava crop

  1. Through drip irrigation in 500 L of following mixtures at 15 days interval

Important Note:

  • Above mixtures should be drenched about 3 – 4 litre per tree
  • Two to three times each combination
  • One after the other at weekly intervals
  • Irrigation must not be provided two days before application and after application of the above mixtures.


Manjula G. S.

Associate Agronomist


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