Gall Midge on Chilli- How to Get rid of them?

Gall Midge: Chilli is an important commercial crop grown in India. Both types such as Green and Red have got there importance for pungency and colour in Indian culinary.

Healthy green and red chilly

Pests and diseases of Chilli:

Chilli is attacked by several diseases and pests during growth and development. The important diseases are leaf spots, leaf curl virus and anthracnose and pests like thrips, mites, white flies, gall midges and fruit borer.

Among them, the pest which attack during both flowering and fruiting stage is gall midge.

Gall midge in Chilli

Gall midge is a dipteran insect scientifically know as Asphondylia capsici. It is a mosquito like fly which is affecting the chilli crop mainly in irrigated cultivation.

Morphology of gall midge:

The gall midge maggots will be whitish to brown in colour and adults are mosquito fly like which will be brown to blackish in colour.

Gall midge maggot and adult

Feeding habit and damages caused by gall midge in Chilli:

The maggots of the gall midge insect will feed on the flower parts and young fruits.

   On Flower:

Affected flower bud will remain unopen, while affected flower will dry and dropoff, so we can observe severe flower drop off in affected fields.

Gall midge attack on Chilli flower and fruit

   On Fruit:

Fruits affected by gall midge will fail to develop into a healthy fruit, remains crooked and malformed, finally reducing the fruit size, seed number and yield of the chilli crop.

Gall midge attack on green chilli


Management Of Gall Midges on Chilli:

Before transplanting:

Fipronil 0.3 GR @ 6-8 kg/ acre

Note: Apply above product during land preparation

Soil application for control of gall midge

 Before flowering:

Spinetoram 11.7% SC @ 0.9 ml/l  + Neem oil

 For control gall midge attack on chilli during flowering

During flowering and fruiting:

Profenofos 50 EC @ 2 ml/l  OR Acephate 75 SP @ 2 gm/ lit OR Spirotetramat OR Fipronil 0.3% SC OR Carbosulfan  25% EC OR Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 % w/w + Neem oil

 Chemical and biological insecticides to control gall midges in chilli crop

Table containing Chemical and Biological products to control gall midges in green chilli:

Chemical name

Trade/Brand name


Fipronil 0.3% GR

Shinzen, Regent GR

6-8 kg/Acre

Spinetoram 11.7% SC


0.9 ml/lit


Prodhan , Kemcron

1.5- 2 ml/ litre

Profenophos 40%+Cypermethrin 4%EC

Profex super, Prorin

2- 2.5 ml/ litre



1.5-2 gm/lit


Frost, Odis

2 gm/lit

Acephate 500 + Imidacloprid 1.8 % SP

Lancer gold

2 gm/lit


Movento 150 OD


Spirotetramat 11.01% + Imidacloprid 11.01% 240 SC

Movento energy

0.5-1 ml/lit

Carbosulfan  25% EC


2 ml/l

Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 % w/w


0.4 ml/l

Fipronil 0.3% SC

Regent SC

2 ml/l

Neem oil

Neem Oil

1-5ml depending on concentration


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