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Kitchen Garden Seeds Combo -Cucumber, Watermelon and Muskmelon -



  • ₹ 145

Bighaat Bighaat

This combo contains Cucumber, Watermelon and Muskmelon seeds

  • Sow seeds ½ inch deeper
  • Cucumbers can be harvested in 2 months.
  • Find more information at Cucumber-Home Gardening


Home Gardening Methods and Tips:

1. Getting started 
    Get the pot and you are ready.
2. Getting Right Soil
     The right type of soil is very important as the nutrients decide the growth of the plant.The right mix of soil requires regular soil, compost coir peat (or sand) and vermicompost in equal quantities.

Easy steps to compost your kitchen waste

  •  Separate your edible kitchen waste (vegetable peels, fruit peels, small amounts of wasted cooked food) in a container
  • Collect dry organic matter (dried leaves, sawdust) in a small container.
  • Take a large earthen pot or a bucket and drill 4 – 5 holes around the container at different levels to let air inside.
  • Line the bottom with a layer of soil.
  • Now start adding food waste in layers alternating wet waste (food scraps, vegetable and fruit peels) with dry waste (straw, sawdust, dried leaves).
  • Cover this container with a plastic sheet or a plank of wood to help retain moisture and heat.

3. Beginner? This should be your first step
If it is your first take at gardening, you can start with a small pot and single vegetable and than gradually expand to other veggies. Plants like carrot and chillies are easier to grow and do not require much care, so you can start with those. You have to be very patient. It will take a one or two months to start giving results.Don't give up.

Important Things

Watering regularly is a must.
Summer: Water twice a day
Winter: You can just press the soil with the back of your hand to check the moisture and water accordingly.
Rainy Season: Don't water if it rains. If even one day after the rain as excess water drains all the nutrition away from the soil.

Another important thing is enough sunlight. The terrace garden should receive at least four to six hours of direct sunlight, and in areas where the sun is too harsh, people can use a shade to prevent the plants from getting scorched.

We hope these little tips will help you take the next step towards setting up your kitchen garden!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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