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Bighaat Bighaat

Privi Nutrfight is a unique first-ever formulation in India, based on Phosphite and Phosphonate chemistry, with the dual benefit of enhancing required nutrition to the plant and strengthening against fungal pathogens. Whereas regular fungicides tend to lead to resistance in the very fungus they control. Research proves that Privi Nutrifight does not allow resistance to develop in the fungal pathogens.

The activated Potassium in the formulation strengthens plant resistance to diseases by boosting its phenolic, carbon, nitrogen and active oxygen metabolism. In combination with other contact fungicides, Privi Nutrifight gives best results.

PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT is non-toxic, 100% soluble in water Its bio-active nature ensures rapid absorption into the plant system and improves vigor and healthy growth.

PRIVI NUTRIFIGHT can be used on a variety of crops.


  • 2 gm per lit of water for foliar spray
  • 4 gm per lit of water for soil drenching

* This product is available currently in AP and Telangana states only.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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