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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

  • Borogold is one of the best Preventive Fungicide and Bactericide available in India.
  • It is a broad Spectrum Fungicide.
  • It is a multi-component Biocide that controls almost all types of Fungal and Bacterial diseases.
  • Combination of Nano Silver Particles & Peroxy Acid Forming a synergistic complex with other components imparts a long-lasting Effect.

BOROGOLD is certified by Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwvidhyala, Raipur as one of the best and safest FUNGICIDE and BACTERICIDE available in India.

  • Through drip - 800gms per acre
  • Through Spray - 300gms per acre

Alternaria, Antracnose, Black spot, Grey Mold, Downy mildew, Erwinia, Fusarium, Leaf spot, Blights, Powdery Mildew, Pseudomonas , Phythium, Rust, Rhizoctonia, Scab, Smut, wilts & Blights.

  • No Residue Formation
  • Can be used for Horticulture and agriculture purpose
  • Only use for fungal and bacterial diseases.

    Note- If you start seeing any Fungal or Bacterial attacks on your plant/crop then Borogold will not cure the damage but instead control it and prevent new leaves/stems/flowers from getting affected by the disease.

    It is now also certified by Indira Gandhi Vishwvidhyala (Raipur) for PADDY as the best preventive Fungicide and Bactericide available in India.

    Borogold Dose for paddy 300gms in 100ltrs of water by spray
    In Paddy, Borogold is used to prevent Fungal diseases like :-
    Blast, Bacterial Leaf Blight, Sheath Blight, Sheath Rot, Rice Tungro Disease, and other fungal diseases.

    Use this as a preventive - repeat dose every 15 days and guaranteed no fungal disease attack your paddy plant.
    Please note - it is a contact preventive fungicide - hence it is compulsory to repeat dose every 12-15 days for new pair of leaves and stems.

    • Start this procedure - 1 week after Transplanting your plant
    • Step 1 - For half an hour, let water flow inside drip - so that the drip is clear of any chemicals or fertilizers used earlier.
    • Step 2 - Use 1kg Borogold per acre by drip.
    • Step 3 - No fertigation in drip for 2 days (for the next 48 hours). Please do not also allow plain water to flow for the next 2 days.
    • Step 4 - After 2 days, you may continue your fertigation as required.
    • Step 5 - Repeat This procedure after 30 days.
    • Step 6 - After repeating the procedure twice (in a gap of 30 days), you may use it by spraying (300gms in 200 litre water per acre - repeat every 15 days).
    • Mix 300GMS of Borogold well with 4-5 liter of water so that it is completely diluted. Mix this solution with the rest of the water used for 1 acre and then spray it on the Plant.
    • For Best Results, spray it every 15 days.
    • Please Note - It is a contact Fungicide- hence to be sprayed every 15 days and forever new pair of leaves. Once used as a preventive-guaranteed result in all clear crop.
    • Do not use with Copper and Sulphur.
    • During winters, Spray Borogold Dosage in the morning before 9 am.


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