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Every living beings require nutrients for the existence. Likewise the plants also require essential nutrients to complete the life cycle. Researchers say that more than 17 nutrients are essential for plants. Carbon[C] Hydrogen[H] and Oxygen[O] naturally available and not supplied to plants; Nitrogen[N], Phosphorous[P] and Potassium[K] called major nutrients required in larger quantities by plants and need to be supplied time to time; Calcium[Ca] , Magnesium[Mg] and Sulphur[S] required in little less quantities than major nutrients and called as secondary nutrients and Micronutrient Fertilizer required in very small quantities by plants and they have very vital roles in the physiology of the plants. 

Micronutrients are Zinc [Zn], Boron [Bo], Iron [Fe], Manganese [Mn], Copper [Cu], Molybdenum [Mo], Silicon [Si], Nickel [Ni], Cobalt [Co] and Sodium [Na]. The micronutrients in plants have an active role in flower initiations, fertilization, fruit setting and disease resistant ability.

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