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    11 products
    Geolife Nano Combi Micro Nutrient
    108500 ₹ 1,085
    250 gm (50gm *5)

    Here are some High-Quality  products for the Management of Khaira disease Of  Rice . Buy Best Quality Agri products online at BigHaat. BigHaat Provides 100% genuine Chemical products for the Management of Khaira disease Of Rice and Best Quality Agricultural products Online.

    Khaira disease Of Rice is micro-nutritional(Zn) deficiency  characterized by the presence of dusty brown patches on leaves which ultimately undergo necrosis.This is one the most common disease in rice. As it affects the leaf of plant-the rate of photosynthesis decreases which ultimately causes (25-30)% production loss.

    The disease is called so because-During initial finding the farmers find resemblance in colour of affected rice and catechu same. As catechu is called Khaira in India. The disease was named as khaira disease.
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