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Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited (Mahyco) is focused on research and development, production, processing, and marketing of seeds for India’s farming fraternity.

Founded in 1964, Mahyco is the pioneer of high quality hybrid and open pollinated seeds. Through the use of cutting edge technology and intensive research activities, Mahyco has revolutionized the agrarian face of the country.

Despite its growth and expansion, the company remains unchanged at its core. It is still driven by a visionary zeal and the belief that it is possible to improve the lives of farmers by using science to develop superior quality agricultural products.

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Vegetable Seeds - White Early (Radish)

WHITE EARLY RADISH ( व्हाइट अर्ली मूली )


₹ 330

400 gms

Vegetable Seeds - MAHY 11 (Radish)

MAHY 11 RADISH ( माहिको 11 मूली )


₹ 550

400 gms

Vegetable Seeds - MAHY 22

MAHY 22 RADISH ( माहिको 22 मूली )


₹ 620

400 gms (8 *50 gms)

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