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MAHYCO – Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited is seeds producing company established in 1964 headquarters at Jalna, Maharashtra. MAHYCO produces the seeds of field crops like Bajra, Cotton, Maize, Mustard,etc. MAHYCO also produces genetically pure vegetable seeds both open pollinated and hybrid seeds of Brinjal, Tomato, Chilli and others. MAHYCO has developed many flagship varieties grains and vegetables developed with their unique R&D techniques.

MAHYCO has received many certificates for the assurance of quality with different seed producing techniques.

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AADESH MHCP 320 (Chilli)(आदेश) -

AADESH MHCP 320 (Chilli)(आदेश)


₹ 335 ₹ 360

10 gm

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