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Seed Drill Cum Bed Layer

Seed Drill Cum Bed Layer

Kamal Kisan

  • ₹ 40,000

Bighaat Bighaat


Our Seed drill cum bed maker machines can do two-in-one operation of preparing beds and sowing seeds precisely and covering with soil. With this machine, you can make raised beds of varying sizes between 2ft to 4 ft and up to a height of 1.5ft. Seeds can be sown at a depth of 2 to 4 inches with a row to row spacing of 8 to 10 inches. Appropriate seed rate can be maintained. It ensures proper covering of the soil to protect it from being eaten by birds. Based on customer requirements, drip line layer and fertilizer hopper can be provided as additional accessories.

Competitive Advantage – • Our Seed drill cum Bed Maker has been developed to sow seeds over the raised beds as compared to our competitors who are providing seed drills which perform seed sowing without any bed. This helps in carrying out bed making and seed sowing as a single operation. • Our bed maker cum seed drill works with most tractors above 30 HP • The machine also has a varying array of accessories being developed (fertilizer hopper, bed maker, drip pipe layer) which can be procured on a need basis hence keeping the machine modular as per farmers’ requirements

Crops suitable- Maize, Soyabean, Wheat, Corn, Groundnut, and all arid crops

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