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XYMO BUGTROL [Broad Spectrum Organic Botanical Pesticide]

XYMO BUGTROL [Broad Spectrum Organic Botanical Pesticide]


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Bighaat Bighaat



XYMO BUGTROL is a specially formulated broad-spectrum pesticide and effective plant food.



  • Very effective on all types of insects, work as broad-spectrum pesticide.

  • Plant extracts provides various useful alkaloids which increases plants SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance).

  • Can be sprayed on the soil preparation stage to control soil insects.

  • Suitable for all stages from nursery to harvesting stage.

  • Will break down quickly under influence of high temperature or sunshine. Therefore, they don’t have a long-lasting contaminating effect on the environment and does not carry any residue in harvest.

  • Drives away a wide range of insects including spider mites, white flies, caterpillars, etc.

  • Applied as a spray, the product is toxic to a wide range of insect pests – aphids, beetles, borers, moths, fruit flies, thrips, cabbage worms, fleas, flea beetles, lice, loopers, mites, mosquitoes, psyllids, mealy bugs, jassids, thrips, army worms, paddy stem borer larvae and slugs. It is recommended for application on all kinds of crops.





1.5ml per litre of water for foliar spray application

Not less than 800ml/hectare

Not less than 320ml/acre 

NOTE: Shake well before use


XYMO BUGTROL is available in 4 kg net weight (Inner Packing  0.2 kg x 20 no’s) packed in Carton Box.


XYMO BUGTROL should be stored in a cool, dry place.

It retains its declared performance for at least a period of 24 months when stored at 4OC and for at least 12 months at 25OC.

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