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OBERON INSECTICIDE ( ओबेरोन कीटनाशक ) -

OBERON INSECTICIDE ( ओबेरोन कीटनाशक )


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Bighaat Bighaat

Oberon contains Spiromesifen, a novel foliar contact insecticide/acaricide belonging to the chemical class of Tetronic acid.Oberon provides a reliable high level of performance equal to or better than the efficacy and residual control provided by current standards.Oberon is developed world wide for the control of mites and whitefly on vegetables, fruits, cotton and tea. The product is active against all the developmental stages of mites and whitefly pests resulting in long lasting persistent control of resistant mites and whiteflies.

Mode of Action :

It has a new mode of action inhibiting lipid biosynthesis. The biological activity of Tetronic acids correlates with inhibition of lipogenesis especially triglycerides and free fatty acids. Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification No. 23

Advantages : 

  • The lack of cross resistance to commercial products makes Spiromesifen a valuable tool for mite and whitefly resistance management.

  • Specialized miticide, with additional feature of whitefly control.

  • New mode of action.

  • Excellent persistence in activity against all developmental stages (especially eggs and nymphs) of whiteflies and mites.

  • It also reduces female fecundity and enhances egg sterilization – Trans-ovarian effect results into un-hatched eggs.

  • Relatively safe to environment- Best fit in IPM programme.

Oberon SC is compatible with many other pesticides, plant growth regulators and micronutrients. When considering mixing Oberon SC with other pesticides, or other additives, before preparing tank mix combinations, conduct a test to determine physical compatibility. Do not use mixtures that curdle, precipitate, or grease. If the plant safety of a tank mix combination is unknown (including mixtures with adjuvants), evaluate a small amount of the mixture for phytotoxicity first, before using it on large areas.

 Recommendations for Use: 

Spray with knapsack fitted with hollow cone or triple action nozzle as soon as mite incidence is noticed. High volume spray (foot spray) or power spray can be used on Apple.

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Customer Reviews

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