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Bighaat Bighaat

Ignite is a bio-fertilizer containing live microorganism, which helps in enhancing the soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, mobilizing potassium, solubilizing phosphate and decomposing organic wastes and thereby producing plant growth substances.

Ignite contains all crop nutrient related key microbes in micro-encapsulated dormant form in liquid media as per Agrinos Global Proprietary technology.

When applied to the soil, begins colonization process, mostly around the plant’s root zone. Colonization process lasts from three to five weeks depending on application dosage, soil type, fertility, moisture, and temperature. Helps the crop to have rhizosphere with robust beneficial microbes enhances the plants’ ability to overcome stresses –” probiotic” (environmental and/or biological).

‘Ignite’ Highly efficient in fixing atmospheric nitrogen, mobilizing potassium and solubilizing phosphate, sustains soil health by decomposing plant residues, stabilizing C: N ratio of soil, improve texture, structure and water holding capacity of soil, solubilizes, mobilizes nutrients, and makes available to the crop in accordance to its nutritional demands for growth, yield increase and quality. It is broad action spectrum, works in a wide range of saturation, temperature, and fertility levels. ‘Ignite’ manufactured by co -fermentation process, no adverse effect on crop growth and soil fertility, non-toxic, non-pathogenic and environment friendly.

Ignite Agrinos

Soil drenching: Dissolve @ 500 ml of Agrinos Ignite dissolved in 500 litres of water and sprayed near the root zone of the plant during morning/evening hours. Sufficient soil Moisture at the time of spraying ensures quickly proliferation of the microbes.

Seedling root dip: Dissolve @ 100 ml of Agrinos Ignite in 50 litres of water and dip the seedling roots for 10 -20 minutes before transplantation

Seed treatment: Dissolve @ 100 ml of Agrinos Ignite in 500 ml of water and add 100g of jaggery to it. Treat the seeds required for sowing one acre with this slurry and shade dry for 30 minutes before sowing.

Soil application: Dissolve @ 500ml Agrinos Ignite in 5 litres of water. The solution is mixed with 100 kg of dried, well decomposed farm yard manure and broadcast it to one acre.

    > Ignite improves root growth, increases nutrient availability and uptake
    > Ignite performs across diverse crop, soil, and environmental conditions
    > Ignite enhances fertilizer use efficiency, reduces salinity, and enhances soil health

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