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V-45S46 MUSTARD ( सरसों ) -

V-45S46 MUSTARD ( सरसों )

DuPont Pioneer

  • ₹ 750

Bighaat Bighaat



Pioneer ® 45S46 is an high yielding medium maturity hybrid with bold grain and better oil percentage. Its a black seeded hybrid.


Rabi Season: Sowing




Land preparation & Sowing:

Prepare the land by 2-3 ploughing with Disc harrow or country plough to a “Fine tilth” and pass a cultivator to remove the plant debris. The soil particles size should be like seed size.
Sowing at optimum soil moisture depth & soil temperature
Spacing, Planting depth, Seed Rate & Plant Population:

Sowing at a depth of 3-5 cms adjust the depth based on the soil moisture
Hybrids are to be planted in rows with 45 cms ( Rows) and 10 cms (P - P)
Seed rate is 1 Kg / Acre. Use equal quantity of filler material like saw dust or fine Vermicompost or FYM to get uniform distribution of seed
Use higher seed rate in case of poor sandy loams and other problem soils where plant loss is more


Fertilizer management:

Apply about 10 cart loads of well decomposed FYM per acre at the time of last ploughing.

General fertilizer recommendation / acre
Time of application Urea DAP SSP MOP
At the time of sowing 25 50 150 40
25 – 30 DAS 45 - - -
Total 70 50 150 40

Toll Free Number

Pioneer Paramarsh (Advice) is a 24x7 national toll free farmer helpline (+91 1800 103 9799). This initiative is a reflection of DuPont Pioneer’s Long Look philosophy of “giving helpful management suggestions to our customers to assist them in making the greatest possible profit from our products”. Through this helpline, DuPont Pioneer extends technical advisory, crop management tips and product solutions to farmers across India.


To reach out to DuPont Pioneer India representatives, the farmer needs to place a missed call and within four working hours, a call centre executive calls back to collect relevant details. Then the call centre executive shares the details to concerned representative. After analyzing the information, the DuPont Pioneer representative contacts the concerned farmer to provide relevant resolution. The call center currently supports 6 Indian languages. 


Optimum time for sowing Mustard crop is from September to October month. For toria crop, complete sowing from first fortnight of September to October. For African sarson and Taramira can be sown in whole October month. For Raya crop complete sowing from Mid of October to November End.
When rapeseed-mustard grown as intercrop, time of sowing depend upon cultivation of main crop.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews Write a review

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